The Engaged Database (TED)

SALSA (Statistical Assessment Layer for Site Audits)

Do you suffer from:

  • Disruption to your Annual Audit Plan?
  • Uncertainty in your future Audit planning?
  • The need to change to a Remote Investigator Site Audit (RISA) strategy?
  • The need to reduce the number of audits performed?
  • Travel and Budget Restrictions?
  • Data issues identified at the end of the trial?  

We have just the answer for you:


TED (The Engaged Database)

Do you need:

  • To know what your audit results really mean and what you can learn from them?
  • To compare your audit results with hundreds of standardised audit results from 2009 to date?
  • To save resources, identify risks and prevent failure of R&D projects?
  • A factual basis to benchmark for help in identifying potential risks? 
  • To avoid bias when interpreting your audit results?

Then ask:


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