TED Benefits

Risk management

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk tolerance level

  • Threshold validation

Audit report benchmarking

Comparison of audit results by factors:

  1. Therapeutic area
  2. Clinical trial phase
  3. Geographical area
  4. Attributability of responsibility for finding
  5. Employed versus contract auditor

Benefits for you?

Using TED, you are able to see at a glance where your audit result stands in comparison with the anonymized results from other companies. TED can help large companies to avoid a bias when interpreting their audit results, while allowing smaller companies to benchmark, even if they only have very few audits of one type.

The detailed TED statistics can help you and your managers to better interpret the results of your audits and provide a factual basis to help in identifying potential risks, which in turn can lead to more informed decision-making on a corporate level.

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